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How much is your health worth to you? 💵

I actually hate talking about this topic… How much is your health worth? 💵

Focusing on money and negativity is no fun but as a coach, we need to have this raw chat.

I see a lot of people spending big bucks on diet plans and weight loss programs, exercise equipment, and elective procedures hoping to lose weight, but the results are only temporary and it’s a waste of money in the end.

Other than money, have you ever thought about how your declining health is costing you?
Instead of focusing on all this sad stuff, I’m truly passionate about figuring out what your health affords you.

So, let’s flip it and have fun!🐬

It’s different for everyone, but I can tell you that when you are living life to the fullest, taking care of yourself and appreciating your health, sky’s the limit. 🪂

For me…
When I am in my healthy groove, I am a kinder person.  I feel good and I am more patient with my kids.  I am a more compassionate wife.  My enthusiasm pours out and I inspire more people. I know I am a happier person but it goes far beyond that… I am overflowing with gratitude and it shows in all areas of my life.

✨✨So to me, our health is priceless!✨✨

You can’t put a number on it.

I feel so grateful that my career is centered around health and happiness.  It allows me to speak, act and live this healthy mojo every day.  🙏🏻

Stacy and I created a fool-proof program to simplify and educate and empower others to heal their metabolism and find their healthy mojo.  So if you want it too, click on this link to schedule a Metabolism Mastery Call.

I like to think that Stacy and I are fun chicks.  Lucky you… With our free call, you get us for 45 minutes of undivided attention.  We want to get to the root of your health issues, but we’ll keep it fun and real. 📞

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