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How I shifted my life from overwhelmed to amazing✨

Before I finally gained control of my life and my daily patterns, I have to admit… I was a bit of a disaster. My schedule was back-to-back with work, kids, school, sports, parties, etc.  It was non-stop.

😫 I rushed to get the kids out of the house.  I rushed to meetings.  I rushed to get dinner on the table. It was hard to stay organized and I felt fried at the end of a long day.

🙃 At this time in my life, I know I self-medicated with too much sweets and alcohol.  I felt wired but tired.  My gut was acting up and I constantly struggled with bloat and constipation. And worst of all, I felt like a failure.
Looking back, it’s obvious that my life was not balanced and I was sabotaging my health but when you are in the thick of it, it’s hard to see the big picture and get out of these unhealthy cycles.

I don’t remember the day that changed it all.  Maybe it was a particular book or something that someone told me?? All I remember is that my life immediately shifted in the right direction.

You must be thinking… What’s the game changer?? It’s quite simple.  All I had to do is shift my mindset.
You see – I used to have an excuse for everything. I’m late because my schedule is too full. I’m too busy to meditate.  Who has time for that?
One day, I realized that I am the creator of my life.  My new motto was NO EXCUSES.

👍  I didn’t want to rush anymore and be late.  I realized that I had a choice so I rearranged my schedule to free up more time.

👍  Since my health was my priority, I let go of unimportant things and made more time for my health.  At this point in my life, that’s when I became a yoga instructor and got faithful with my meditation practice.

👍  And I was sick of feeling overwhelmed so I read books and took a course to help organize my life. Now I am proud to say that I am an organized dork.

I hope you realize, my friends, that you get to create the life you want.
Every day is a gift!  Don’t waste another day with regrets. Let’s take advantage and enjoy life and live it to the fullest.

If you have a New Year’s resolution to lose weight or get healthy or find life balance, I hope you reach out for a free call.  Together, we’ll dive in and figure what’s working, what’s not, and come up with a realistic plan to reach your goals so you can create the life you want. Click here to schedule a free 45 minute personalized Metabolism Mastery Call.

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