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Health Food Stores in Santa Barbara

We may not have Whole Foods (yet), but Santa Barbara has some quality health food stores.  I live down the street from Ralphs supermarket so I walk there sometimes to get odds and ends.  Even as a Registered Dietitian,  I find it very hard to get healthy options at the general supermaket.  You truly need to read all labels/ingredient lists because most products sneak in loads of preservatives, artificial ingredients, and hydrogenated oils (yuck).  Since my family is on a budget, we shop at Trader Joe’s and the Farmer’s Market to get mostly everything.  If I did not have a budget, I would prefer to shop at Lazy Acres or Whole Foods.  They seem to have lots of healthy options and less of the bad foods trying to lure you in.  I have a lot of nutrition clients who also shop at Gelson’s and Lassen’s.  Gelson’s has a great deli meat selection that is nitrate free.  Lassen’s has many gluten free products.

Betsy Markle, RD & Owner of Sunshine Wellness

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