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Ever wonder why your weight fluctuates from day to day? 🎢

Do you weigh yourself regularly? 🪂
If so, do you ever wonder how your weight can fluctuate so much? It’s like a roller coaster ride of emotions.

One day, your weight is down.  You are happy and have a little extra pep in your step.  “All this hard work is paying off.”   The next day, the scale shows a two-pound weight gain.  You are frustrated and confused how this happened. “WTF!  This is not worth it.” 🤬

So instead of continuing with this weighing game and having to navigate through feelings of frustration, confusion and hopelessness, I want to teach you some key concepts that will help clarify it all.

💡 KEY CONCEPT #1: Quick weight gain is not fat gain – it is usually water weight.  There are many possible reasons for water retention, like eating processed (salty) foods, inflammatory foods, and consuming too many carbs and sweets. Another reason for water retention is elevated stress hormones.  So, if your life is stressful and your diet is off target, now you know why your weight may fluctuate day to day.  

💡 KEY CONCEPT #2: If you continue down this path with poor eating patterns and stress, this is exactly how you damage your metabolism and pack on the pounds long-term.  In fact, if the scale is already showing big fluctuations, then most likely, your metabolism is already damaged. 

Recently, someone told me “The most frustrating thing is that it takes weeks to lose a few pounds, but only a few days of poor eating choices to put the weight right back on.”

As a nutritionist and health coach, this is clear signal of a damaged metabolism.
This is what we do… We help motivated women heal their metabolism so they can lose weight naturally, gain control of their daily habits, and feel confident in their body. 
And guess what?… No deprivation and you can ditch the scale! 🎉

If you are motivated to make healthy shifts but don’t know where to start, we are here for you!  You can reply back to this email or click here to setup a free call. 📞

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