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Overview of Detox Programs

Have you ever done a detox program?  There are so many programs out there – it’s hard to know what will work aVegetableBodynd what’s safe.  As a clinically trained Registered Dietitian, I was initially against these kinds of programs.  But after living in CA for 10 years and working with amazing holistic practitioners, I became way more open minded.  I have researched tons of program out there and have taken my time to feel 100% confident with my program. If you are a newbie, here is a brief overview of detox and cleansing programs with a few of my thoughts:
  • Fasts: I am not a huge fan of fasting programs that drastically reduce your food and calorie consumption. Any fasting program over 3 days will slow down your metabolism and make you a cranky person so I don’t see the point in it. I am currently working with a local juicing company and helping them to design more balanced Juice Cleansing Programs that are only 1, 2 or 3 days.
  • Colon Cleanses: Colon cleanses accelerate the excretion of your bowels in hopes to clean out the large intestine. The problem is that toxins are everywhere in our body and I’d rather your colon work efficiently on it’s on (without elimination aides).  And who wants to be on the toilet all day? 
  • Detox Programs: I have designed my program to be a full body detoxification program.  It helps eliminate toxins from the liver, full GI tract, kidneys and skin. With my program, you are still eating real food so you are able to drop pounds without slowing your metabolism.  Also, when working with clients who have significant GI issues, the detox program can be used as a tool to help identify food intolerances.  Read more about Betsy’s Detox Programs.

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