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Healthy Urine pH

Healthy Urine pHI recently wrote a nutrition newsletter called Boost Your Body pH with these Simple Nutrition Tips.  I’ve been testing my urine pH faithfully and I am shocked how low it can get.  Considering that I am a nutritionist and I receive a lot of great food from my Healthy Meal Delivery Service, I would expect that my pH would be better/more alkaline most of the time.  I am starting to realize that I need to consistently work on it just like everyone else. My urine pH usually is lower (closer to 6) in the morning and increases (up to 7.5) as the day progresses as long as I am eating right.  I’ve noticed that my pH boosts up faster when I add lemon and lime to my water and when I eat a lot of fresh salads.  I will be asking for a juicer from Santa so we’ll see how juicing vegetables increases my pH.  On a negative note, I’ve noticed that my pH drops dramatically from multiple cocktails:(  and from stress.  It’s kind of fun to test every time I go pee – I continue to learn a lot about my body.  The pH paper is hard to find, so I sell it on my site.

Betsy Markle RD & Owner of Sunshine Wellness

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