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Are you trying too hard to lose weight?

Are you always struggling to lose weight?  Some people claim that they have a slow metabolism because nothing seems to work.  Well maybe this is a sign…a sign for you to listen to your body. Maybe you are trying too hard.  When your body and mind are overworked and not nourished properly, your adrenal function may become compromised making it extra hard to lose weight.

Take this quiz:  Are you too hard on yourself?

  • Do you workout vigorously for over an hour most days?
  • Do you gravitate towards cardio exercise and skip the stretching?
  • Do you tend to yo yo with your nutrition habits and weight?Balance
  • Do you feel hungry/deprived and also have sugar cravings?
  • Do you skip breakfast?
  • Do you drink coffee to get through your day?
  • Do you feel tired in the mid afternoon?
  • Are you sleep deprived (get 6 hours or less most nights)?
  • Do you have a stressful job?
  • Is your home life stressful/chaotic?
  • Do you have negative thoughts about your body on a daily basis?

If you answered yes for 5 or more answers…Yes, you are too hard on yourself.  You will never reach your wellness goals with this imbalanced lifestyle.


On the positive side, I am giving you permission to be kinder to yourself.  All I want is for you to live a more balanced happier life.  This should be common sense but as Americans, we are constantly pushing ourselves.  To create a healthier balanced lifestyle, analyze the questions that you answered yes to.  Figure out how you can make small changes in the right direction.  As you balance your life and reduce stress hormones in your body, your metabolism will naturally improve and your health and weight will not be such a struggle anymore.

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