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Are your daily thoughts sabotaging your success? ✨

What if I told you that you don’t have to be tough on yourself to reach your health goals and lose weight? 😲

You can eat foods that taste good, you can enjoy the journey, and you can love yourself and your body. 💗

Today, let’s focus on this last part because it is the most critical element to your success! 🏆

Are you tough on yourself?
What do you say to yourself all day long?
Are they words of encouragement or criticism?

Here’s a crazy stat that opened my eyes (from Vanessa Loder – meditation teacher and Harvard Grad).

  • We have approximately 60,000 thoughts/day
  • 80% of them are negative
  • 90% are repeated or recycled thoughts

💡 60,000 thoughts/day:
Yes, it’s obvious that our brains are active, constantly!  I like to call this monkey brain. 🐵🧠

💡 80% of our thoughts are negative: 👎🏼
I kind of knew that our brains are naturally wired to worry, criticize, compare, doubt, and plan for the worst. 
I believe women are more guilty of this.  
Women tend to criticize their bodies, compare themselves to others, and worry about the future.  
    “I’m fat”  “I hate the way I fit in my jeans”
    “If only I could lose this extra weight around my belly”
    “My life is too busy.  How do I balance it all?”
    “I feel frustrated, overwhelmed and hopeless”
    “What should I do?”

💡 90% of our thoughts are repeated: 🤯
This blew my mind. 
I was not aware that our thoughts are basically like Groundhog’s Day (the movie).
It’s ok to have a tough day and to be hard on yourself here and there but if it is every single day of our life, then that is going to wear you down and sabotage your success.  
Constant negative thoughts and stories that we tell ourselves will deflate your motivation and cause stress and anxiety.

So, what can you do about this information that you just learned? 📚
I have a simple common sense plan that works.

  1. Pay closer attention to your thoughts.  
  2. Notice how these thoughts make you feel.  Do they make you feel worried, frustrated, sad, happy, calm, or motivated?
  3. Be kind to yourself.  Talk to yourself and give yourself advice like you would to your best friend.

Most people come to me because they think they need a new diet plan.  “Just tell me what to eat Betsy.”  But obviously, it is sooooo much deeper.  Your mindset and daily thoughts are the true indicator of your success. 🙏🏼

If you are tough on yourself all the time and need some help, I want to connect with you.  I want to make your life easier, healthier and happier.  You can reply back to this email or click here to setup a free call.

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