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Are you Type A Personality❓❓

It’s important to know your personality style because it can have a profound impact on your health! So, are you Type 🅰 or Type 🅱 Personality or a combination 🆎?

Type A:
In general, Type A individuals are usually described as: highly organized, competitive, outgoing, anxious, impatient, high achiever, concerned with time management, high expectations and a multi-tasker.

Type B:
Again, this is a generalization, but Type B individuals are described as: relaxed attitude, adaptable to change, even tempered, tend to procrastinate and more patient (less stressed).

Today, we are going to focus on Type A Personality.  As a nutritionist and health coach with over 20 years experience, I am excited to share some common examples how your mindset patterns may be sabotaging your metabolism.

Type A:
I love my Type A clients because they get shit done!  Once they are committed to our program, they schedule in all meetings and study time and I can count on them to follow through.  They thrive with our organizational system and goal oriented approach.  They are my A+ students.

BUT, here’s the problem. 
If you are Type A, here are some examples how you may be getting in your own way: Before working with me, Type A students have researched every plan out there.  Their busy mind is overloaded with too much conflicting information which tend to overcomplicate the journey.   Since Type A individuals tend to be a perfectionists, they want all the answers pronto.  Obviously I cannot teach 3 months of education in one meeting so they tend to struggle with trusting the process.  Essentially, they are slowing down their progress by adding more stress (and cortisol). My Type A clients usually work diligently and accomplish a ton for our three months together, but I question their long-term commitment. Sometimes it’s hard for them to see the big picture (which is a healed metabolism with true life balance) because they are too burned out from doing every task perfectly.  My Type A students want results NOW.  They are so goal/number-oriented and if they are not seeing progress fast enough, they get ultra frustrated.  These frustrating thought patterns usually sabotage their success. The overachieving type A personality may to be a “workaholic” or “parent of the year”.  When they are lacking life balance and always trying to check tasks off their never-ending to-do list, it may be impossible to maintain health as one of their core priorities.   

BOTTOMLINE: Every single one of these scenarios leads to stress in one way or another (feelings of overwhelm, frustration, worry, anxiety, impatience, and fear).  They also lead to repetitive cycles that sabotage your metabolism.  And on a scientific level, these stressful feelings lead to elevated cortisol and weight gain (or the inability to lose weight).  

If you can relate to any of this, you are not alone.  These scenarios are so-o-o-o common. 

This is why our clients need consistent support with our 3-month coaching program.  Click here to setup a free (no pressure) 45 minute strategy session.

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