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Are you eating enough food? 🍒🌽🍗

Too many times, I see women who want to lose weight continually struggle with this one area…
They don’t eat enough food!

In reality, they are sabotaging their metabolism, especially if diets don’t work for them anymore. 
👉  So if you are always trying to cut calories…
👉  Reduce carbs…
👉  Use sheer willpower to deprive yourself…
These are NOT solutions that will rev your metabolism and help you lose weight properly.

Here’s why.

When you are constantly dieting and in a caloric deprivation, your body becomes stressed because it is low on fuel.  This activates stress hormones (cortisol) which always leads to weight gain in the end.

Guess what?  When you do not eat enough, it also leads to loads more problems. 

Other than weight gain, here are the TOP 3 SYMPTOMS:
😣  Cravings, cravings, cravings (sugar, salt, alcohol, you name it)
😣  Low energy
😣  More anxiety 

This week alone, I helped multiple women to make this essential shift (to eat more food).
Once they ate more and increased portions, they immediately felt:
❤️  Calmer – They no longer felt anxiety and the need to question every food choice.
❤️  Balanced energy and mood – They slept better and felt consistent energy through the day.  No more 3pm slump.
❤️  Controlled – Instead of using willpower to control cravings, it was easy for them to make healthy choices and say no to the “bad” stuff.

Obviously, I am not encouraging you to eat McDonald’s super-sized meals. 
I am talking about eating “healthy”, well-balanced meals and snacks with quality carbs.

I’m just so happy when I can help my clients shift their viewpoint so they can eat with confidence. 🤗
It feels amazing to nourish your metabolism with the right amount of fuel so weight comes off effortlessly!

If you are unclear with your nutrition needs and you want to rev your metabolism (the right way),  Click here to set up a free (zero pressure) consultation.  Let’s talk about what’s working, what’s not working, and we are excited to help you map out a realistic plan to solve your problems.

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