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2 Minute Quiz to Transform Your Health

Stop what you are doing or set aside 2 minutes for this quick experiment. You won’t regret it!

Before we dive in, take 3 deep breathes to help relax and clear your mind.

For this visualization project, I would normally tell you to close your eyes but that is hard to do as you are reading this.

Basically, we are going to dream big and envision your “dream self”.  Instead of skimming through my article, I challenge you to truly play along and give your full attention for 2 minutes.

Question #1: When visualizing your “dream self”, How do you want to look?… slender, curvy, fit, athletic, big muscles?  Try to picture it in your mind.

#2: What would you wear?… a bikini, yoga outfit, expensive suit, sexy dress? 

#3: How would you carry yourself?… with good posture, walk with ease, smile on your face?
I doubt you want to be a slouch who mopes around with a frown on your face.

#4: How do you want your dream body to perform?… high energy, good moods, clear mind, quality sleep, good digestion, high libido? 
I doubt anyone wants headaches, bloating, achy joint, disease and stress!

#5: What would your day look like?… wake up without an alarm, calm morning, healthy diet, fun exercise, restful sleep, dream job, fun with kids, volunteering?
I doubt your dream self eats like crap and sits on the couch all day.

#6: Most importantly, how would you act?… with confidence, good attitude, playful personality, passionate, loving, high energy?
I doubt your dream self would talk negatively about themselves or others.  They wouldn’t nag their mate or scream at their kids. They wouldn’t be lazy or bossy or boring.  They wouldn’t be in a constant state of stress, doubt, worry or jealousy.

So how do you become your “dream self”?  The answer is quite simple!  You just need to act like them. The more you embrace this role, the faster you will transform your life.  

Couple this new way of thinking with a new healthy daily routine and that is when the magic happens!

If you are ready to ditch dieting and unhealthy cycles…
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