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2-minute health experiment for YOU

Now that we are in mid-February 💗 I want to take a moment for YOU.

Did you set a new year’s resolution or have some ideas of what you want to work on this year❓❓❓

How’s it going❓❓❓

Most people start to fade with their goals at this point.  👎🏻

And I know why! ✨

I have a short experiment for you to do (right now) that explains why you might struggle with sustaining your goals and how to fix it.

Do you find yourself saying, “I should,” a lot?

👉🏻 I should exercise more.

👉🏻 I should stop eating out so much.

👉🏻 I should volunteer at my kids’ school.

There’s a sweet book I’m reading called The Soul Solution by Vanessa Loder.  She says that… 🚩 Should is a red flag that indicates we care more about what other people think than what we feel inside.  When we say “I should,” we are choosing to please others over pleasing ourselves, which feels heavy inside.  If you can begin to make “feeling good” the driving motivation behind your choices, this is when you can sustain healthy habits.

There’s a cute project in the book (this is the short experiment I want you to do). For this exercise, we evaluate your SHOULDS that influence your life.

Then we dive in and figure out your deeper desire so you can create a more purposeful action plan.

Let’s take a common one.. “I should lose 10 pounds” (New Year’s Resolution = lose 10 pounds)

What’s your deeper desire behind your “should?”

🤔 Maybe it’s one of these… I want to feel good in my body. I want to feel in control of my health.

What feels good to you? 

🤔 Maybe one of these… I feel good when I eat foods that nourish my body. I feel good when I plan and prep my food ahead of time. I feel good when I move my body every day.

Create a realistic and meaningful action plan (that feeds your deeper desire):
It’s going to be different for everyone. 

🤔 Here are some examples…

✨ Schedule in 10 min every day to plan ahead and pack some healthy foods.

✨ Create a simple menu plan every week to stay on top of your nutrition.

✨ Walk or dance to energizing music every day.

✨ Ask for help – schedule a free chat with us to figure out a plan (that feels right).

As you can tell, our body, mind and motivation do not respond well to demands and tough goals.

Unfortunately, most people are not in tune with their bodies (and mind) and most people do not know how to create a realistic wellness plan that feels right (that they want to stick to forever).

This is exactly why we have created Metabolism Mojo Coaching Program!

🌞 Most people need proper education.  We teach you how to truly fuel and optimize your metabolism with your daily habits.  With this proper knowledge and confidence moving forward, you can ditch the diet mentality and worry-brain forever.  

🌞 Most people need consistent support and accountability.  Whether you need a compassionate cheerleader or tough love, we provide weekly coaching to keep you on track for the long haul.

🌞 Most people need structure and organized guidance.  When you understand your purpose and have a realistic step-by-step plan, you can eliminate the feeling of overwhelm and actually enjoy the journey.

🌞 Most people need a personalized plan for their nutrition and exercise … Not another cookie cutter diet that does not address your health concerns, your schedule, and your personality.  

What you should do next …

Register for my Nutrition Class: 3 Realistic Solutions to Rev Your Metabolism so you can Drop Weight Naturally Without Deprivation. And after class, you will receive a gift (My Favorite Balanced Breakfast Recipe Book). I recommend you register early; spaces are limited! 

Sign-up for my 3-Day Eating Reset: Tame your sugar cravings without feeling deprived. You will receive my step-by-step guide to stabilize your blood sugar with a done-for-you menu plan, simple recipes, and shopping list.

Schedule a FREE Metabolism Mastery Call: This is a no pressure phone conversation with our health coaches.  Let’s dive into your specific challenges and goals to figure out what next steps are best for you.


About the Author

Hello, I’m Betsy Markle.  I’m a Registered Dietitian and Holistic Nutritionist with over 20 years of experience. Living a busy life with 3 kids and a passionate career, I understand the importance of realistic nutrition, exercise, and balanced living.

Women tend to put the needs of everyone else before their own. My passion is to empower women to create a healthy lifestyle that they love and can stick with forever.

Here at Sunshine Wellness, we are proud to help women lose weight effortlessly, overcome cravings, and revive energy so they can heal their metabolism, ditch the diet mentality, and love their bodies.

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