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What is Good Bacteria?

Did you know that our digestive tract is coated with 100 trillion bacteria? There are more bacteria in our bodies than stars in the sky. Some of these bacteria are bad but the majority of them are good bacteria, also known as probiotics. They are medically defined as organisms that promote good health and establish […]

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Trans Fats

Did you know that New York City and Chicago are seriously considering the ban of trans fats in their restaurants? Well it looks like trans fats are the new cigarettes. Also, as of January 2006, trans fats are required to be listed on Nutrition Facts Labels. With all this recent controversy over these harmful fats, […]

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Reducing Cancer Risk

Last month, my family hit me with the news that my Dad was just diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Anytime you find out someone you love has the Big C, it’s a blow to your heart. Well, luckily my Dad’s cancer was caught in the early stage. He will be undergoing surgery sometime this month, then […]

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Supplements for Heart Disease

As a continuation of last month’s newsletter, Secrets of Cholesterol Lowering Drugs, we know it is important to make many lifestyle changes in hope to stop Statin Drugs. Appropriate dietary supplementation will help to amplify the cardiovascular benefit. In this newsletter, you will find information on six supplements that I believe are the most beneficial […]

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Statin Side Effects

Cholesterol-lowering drugs, also known as Statin drugs, are a booming market. Over 16 million Americans take these kinds of drugs. Lipitor, the market leader, sold approximately $13 Billion in 2002. Since these drugs are so popular, we should educate ourselves. Current Statin drugs: Lipitor, Zocor, Pravachol, Lescol, Mevacor, and Crestor. How they work: Statin drugs […]

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Acid Base Balance

A new hot topic out there is the pH of our body or our acid-base balance. Simply put – If your pH is under 7, this is considered acidic. If your pH is over 7, this is considered basic or alkaline. A low pH or acidic environment is very bad for our bodies and cells. […]

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How to Rid the Body of Toxins

From the minute that we are brought into this world we are exposed to more toxins than you could fathom. Our air and water supply are polluted, which effect the foods we eat daily. Most cleaning agents and plastics around the house are toxic to our bodies. Those silver fillings in your mouth contain mercury […]

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Causes for Inflammation

Inflammation, joint pain and arthritis affects millions of Americans. With arthritis, he number is rising over 40 million. I picked this topic because Arthritis is a widespread problem of epidemic proportions and there are actually natural ways that people can help themselves. Arthritis Related to Digestive Issues The term Arthritis refers to over 100 diseases […]

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