Why is weight loss easy for MEN and harder for WOMEN?

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Why is weight loss easy for MEN and harder for WOMEN?

I have worked with many married couples and this topic always comes up…
Why is the weight flying off my husband but it’s slow for me?

Before I lose all my men followers, I just want to say that we should not blame men and be mad at them. 
It’s not their fault that they see faster results. 
BUT I feel it is helpful if women and men can both understand why this happens.  I feel that this knowledge can lead to more compassion, understanding, and patience.

So let’s nail it down…
Why do men lose weight faster than women?
3 Real Answers:

  1. Compared to women, men have a simple hormone system.  Women are meant for childbirth so we have a complicated hormone system that includes monthly hormone shifts, crazy hormone imbalances from pregnancy, and the lovely menopause process with dwindling hormones. All these imbalances slow down the metabolism.
  2. In general, women tend to take on a different life role than men.  I am generalizing but women are usually caretakers.  We take care of kids, our mate, the house (and the list goes on).  While most men easily schedule in alone time and personal hobbies, most women feel too guilty scheduling in time for themselves.  For women, their health suffers when their wellbeing is at the bottom of her to-do list.
  3. Women are wired differently than men.  Most women that I work with overthink things too much.  They may research too many diet plans to the point of confusion. They have so much on their plate that it’s hard to think clearly.  This feeling of overwhelm is directly related to high cortisol (stressed adrenals).  High cortisol on a regular basis leads to weight gain and the inability to lose weight.

Now that you understand why, what are you going to do about it?
Instead of complaining, you can do something about it…
You can make your health a priority!
You can schedule in time for self care!
You can follow a balanced and healthy way of eating and living!

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