When trying to lose weight, what's the #1 thing you should focus on?

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When trying to lose weight, what’s the #1 thing you should focus on?

When trying to lose weight so many people focus on the wrong stuff.

So what should you focus on?
It’s so hard for me to nail down one key concept!  Your metabolism is effected by all your daily habits (nutrition, exercise and stress management) and everybody’s needs are different.
However, to make this article more fun, I am going to do it… I am going to pick one key concept…
You should focus on carbohydrates!

Let’s evaluate the habits of my typical client:

  • Not a big breakfast eater
  • Eat lunch, a big dinner and maybe a random snack to munch on
  • Big cravings for sweets, salty foods, or alcohol after dinner
  • Strict diet for a period of time and then… off track (back and forth)

When eating in this sporadic way (skipping meals, big meals, unbalanced snacks, cravings, dieting), it is wrecking your metabolism. 
Let’s dive into carbs and explain how they effect your metabolism.

What happens if you eat too many carbs?
If you eat too much carbs (especially processed carbs), your insulin level will rise. 
Since insulin is a fat storing hormone, this packs on weight. 
It’s important to note… You cannot officially lose weight (and keep it off) until you stabilize your insulin level.
PS – After years of bad nutrition habits, this leads to insulin resistance and diabetes. 

What happens if you don’t get enough carbs?
Guess what?!  This packs on weight in a totally different way.
When your metabolism is not fueled consistently (with carbs), it has to work extra hard to break down fat and protein into fuel.  
This tough process activates your stress hormones (cortisol).  
A busy (stressed) life + activated cortisol = extra weight around the midsection.
In order to lose weight (and keep it off), it’s essential to calm down stress hormones.

This is why we create personalized menu plans for all of our clients.  When calculating carbohydrate needs, we examine lots of factors (age, height/weight, health goals, activity level). 

If you struggle with finding the right balance for YOU, Click here to schedule a free consultation with me or Stacy.  We can discuss what’s working, what’s not working, and figure out a realistic plan to solve your problems.

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