Betsy's Surprising View on Supplements

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Betsy’s Surprising View on Supplements

In one sentence, it’s easy to summarize my opinion of supplements…
Supplements should be used to “supplement” our nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Below, I will talk about my logical way to incorporate supplements and include my favorites that have the most benefit for my clients who are trying to heal their metabolism.

I’ve had the opportunity to look at both sides of the equation:LOTS: I know there are many alternative doctors and holistic practitioners who recommend TONS of supplements.  I know this because I worked with some of these docs.  Patients would leave the office with a bag full of products and a large monthly bill.  Even though I believe in supplementation, I personally question if this is too many and too quick.NONE: On the other hand, many mainstream doctors do not believe in supplements.  Most M.D.’s did not have schooling in anything holistic (like nutritional supplementation) and from my experience, they advise their patients against most supplements. If I had to gauge myself on this spectrum (NONE = 0 and LOTS = 100), then I would rate myself as 20. 

Here is my step-by-step intuitive process of recommending supplements for my clients: No supplements to start.  I evaluate my clients’ current habits and we always start with improving their nutrition and lifestyle habits first.After a 3-4 weeks of healthy shifts, we are able to determine a more accurate health baseline.  According to their symptoms and health issues, I usually only recommend 1-3 staple supplements. Every once in a while, some clients may have certain health problems that require therapeutic supplementation.  For example, a client may require extra GI or adrenal support for quicker healing.  These recommendations are very personalized.At the end of my 3-month program, we re-evaluate all their symptoms from beginning to end and we adjust (add or eliminate) supplements as needed.
Here are my Top 4 Supplements (with recommended dosing)

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