Betsy’s Natural Cleanse Program

This is not your typical Detox Program.  Betsy’s whole food based program is mild and satisfying but effective at boosting your metabolism, eliminating food cravings, and identifying food allergies.


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Nutrition Simplified Workbook

In a clinical trial, participants who followed Nutrition Simplified Workbook demonstrated:

– 69% Reduction in Heartburn
– 60% Improvement in Brain Clarity
– 59% Improvement in Falling Asleep
– 56% Improvement in Energy
– 53% Reduction in Bloating


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The Invigorator Detox Package

This is the ultimate package to jump start your metabolism into full gear.  You will feel invigorated after detoxifying your body and then you will receive the support and tools needed to reach and maintain your goals.


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The Motivator Consulting Package

If you are looking for a personalized and realistic nutrition program to heal your metabolism, the Motivator Package is for you!  With the support of a Registered Dietitian and lots of helpful resources, you will be motivated to succeed.


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High Quality Nutritional Supplements

When you purchase supplements with us, you receive the best.

Betsy Markle RD hand picks all supplements sold at Sunshine Wellness Institute.  She finds the best quality and highest potency Pharmaceutical Grade supplements at the best prices.


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Meet Betsy Markle, R.D., the Realistic Nutritionist.

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